I am 16 years old. I am finished with the program at Habilitative Systems, Inc. (H.S.I.) in January and I did not want to be here. I was sent here because I got caught with some crack on me. I had to go to court first and then they made me come here. I took a drop and it was positive for marijuana. Then the court made me come to this juvenile program. I came to the program in January and I did not want to be here. I continued to smoke marijuana and I continued getting high everyday. I did not come to group when I was supposed to and I continued doing what I wanted to do.

 I found out that I could not continue doing the things I need to do because they kept telling me I was going to get in trouble and that marijuana was bad for me and that I should do the right thing so I could finish the program and move on with my life. I had to find out the hard way.

This success story begins with a 20-year-old African- American single mother that impressed me during the Youth in Crisis Housing Program orientation as a determined and responsible individual. She acquired employment on her own, conducted her housing search without any problems, accepted advice and constructive criticism. Ms. Success began saving her own money, and developed a budget plan before she was referred to the housing program, after being housed she opened her own savings account with a community bank. In addition, Ms. Success has a very active 3-year-old, which she located and enrolled her into a dependable day care.

Ms. Success has her GED, however, while in the program she expressed a desire to further her education, which she is in the process of doing. Ms. Success has been able to provide a safe home for herself and her daughter. This young lady has shown a great amount of determination and she has a bright future in which she will do well.

Myra is a 39-year-old African American female. She is diagnosed as having Major Depression and Panic Disorder. Myra also suffers from chronic Asthma. She is enrolled in the HSI Adult Mental Health program. When she arrived to Chicago from Jackson, Mississippi she was suffering with Post- Partum Depression and required several hospitalizations before and after the pregnancy.


Today she is happy, healthier and living independently in the community with her two children with the help of medication monitoring, therapy and case management services here at Habilitative Systems.


TREM Parcipant Video 

Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM) which is structured as a comprehensive group intervention program of 33 sessions offered over a 9-month period for trauma victims, led by trained clinicians.