HSI Mission

HSI uses a comprehensive multi-tiered approach that engages prevention, intervention, treatment, research, and care management to build healthy communities.

HSI Vision

HSI through a continuum of care approach is building healthy communities for underserved populations with disabilities and people living with an array of human services needs.

the program targets Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) status consumers possessing the functionality and stability to live outside the inpatient setting who obtain an Order of Conditional Discharge from their court of jurisdiction. The goal of the model is to provide consumers an intermediate step between inpatient hospitalization and independent community living. The program aims to be a gradual, transitional experience from a supervised to an unsupervised independent living type setting. The program provides case management and clinical treatment in accordance with the terms provided by the court. Unsupervised movement is awarded to consumers gradually as they demonstrate stability and compliance with the program. In the final phase of the program, consumers move into the community to live independently. During this phase, consumers continue to receive psychiatric services, services specified to continue according to their conditional release, court reporting and as-needed case management.

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