HSI Mission

HSI uses a comprehensive multi-tiered approach that engages prevention, intervention, treatment, research, and care management to build healthy communities.

HSI Vision

HSI through a continuum of care approach is building healthy communities for underserved populations with disabilities and people living with an array of human services needs.

HSI thanks Peoples Gas for being this years recipient of their Commitment to Community Day.

Over 170 Peoples Gas employees, their families and friends volunteered their time and expertise to repairing and upgrading our main facility.

Donald J. Dew
President and CEO
Habilitative Systems, Inc.


May 8, 2017


Charles Matthews
President and CEO
Peoples Gas

Dear Mr. Matthews,   


Words do not adequately convey our heartfelt appreciation for the spirit of volunteerism and community commitment demonstrated by your staff. The volunteer crews from Peoples Gas were warm, caring and beyond giving, every single one of them. Several staff spoke to them and thanked them on behalf of our board, staff and persons served. Staff were just amazed as they observed over 170 of your staff willing to give their time and expertise, expecting nothing in return, it was unbelievable!


Everyone we spoke with shared that this experience was profound for them and that they truly felt the significance of what they were doing and who they were doing it for.  During the weeks preceding the event and during that day, your staff expressed how impressed they were with our services provided to so many in need and they wanted to continue to support HSI. 


One vendor offered to donate food to our Halfway House (HWH) every month.  Another wants to get info on our paper towels, toilet paper and soap dispensers as he indicated an interest to donate these supplies to us on a monthly basis.
Outside guests also included Melissa Conyears-Ervin State Representative and two HSI board members, Tiffany White and Michelle Williams. 


We were also surprised your staff purchased a new couch, love seat as well as a flat screen T.V. for our HWH. They also donated sheets, clothes, two wooden benches.


I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the absolute delight it was for our staff to work with Ms. Patricia Bridges. She was thorough, compassionate and paid attention to every detail.


We again thank you for this unbelievable demonstration of volunteerism, and look forward to our continued partnership.




Donald J. Dew, MSW, ACSW
President/CEO, Habilitative Systems, Inc.




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